About MPS

The Waterville Poets Club and the Dover-Foxcroft Poetry Circle joined in 1936 to form the Poetry Fellowship of Maine. In 1993, the name was changed to Maine Poets Society to reflect the organization's changing emphasis on a statewide network of writers sharing their work.

The society is affiliated with the National Federation of State Poetry Societies (NFSPS). Maine Poets Society membership fee includes NFSPS membership and allows our memebrs the opportunity to participate in a variety of contests and events each year. For more information, visit NFSPS online at www.nfsps.com.

Who's Who at MPS

Board Members

  • Jenny Doughty, President

  • James Breslin, Vice President and Program Chair

  • Gus Peterson, Treasurer & Membership

  • Darlene Glover & Linda DeSantis (sharing the position), Secretary

  • Sally Joy, Stanza & Publicity

President’s Message

Dear friends and fellow poets,

I'm guessing that we all hoped that by now the pandemic would be behind us, but here we all are after a year in which every month has felt like last March!

I know that my writing has benefited immeasurably from the online courses in writing poetry I took this year. I have written many poems and also found myself in a writing group that has emerged from those courses and been grateful to have amazing, thoughtful, creative feedback from the other members. Zoom has enabled us to do this, even though we are in different corners of the state, and we are all agreed that we will continue to meet this way even after everything opens up again.

As far as the Maine Poets Society is concerned, our May meeting will still be on Zoom, since we can't expect that everybody will be vaccinated by then and we can't yet rely on herd immunity to protect us. I hope that by September things will have opened up enough for us to feel confident to meet in person. I know many of us have really missed the human contact of that.

Because so many people in our members' survey about Zoom commented that they actually preferred Zoom because of the difficulty in traveling to meetings, I am trying to figure out if we can manage a way of participating in in-person meetings from a distance for those people for whom travel presents a problem. I am not techy enough to figure this out for myself, but I'm hoping that if we have any members who are technologically knowledgeable (or have children who are!) they will send me suggestions. If so, please send them to jennydoughty@icloud.com - I have changed my usual email address recently, and prefer to use that one, though I can still access my previous one.

Our winter workshop about learning from the Romantic poets went very well on Zoom, and I am looking forward to seeing your faces and hearing you read at the Zoom Reading in the Round this month that Sally Joy has organized in her usual careful and thorough fashion.

We are experimenting with email entries for our members-only contest for our May meeting. It may feel a little convoluted on the receiving end at first, but I think it will go smoothly enough. It is certainly convenient and involves no money changing hands. As yet, we are unable to offer this facility for the prize poem contest because we are trying to figure out how to manage payment for entries by email. PayPal seems to think we are a business if we do that, and charges fees that would mean raising the cost of entry, which we are reluctant to do because our mission is to spread the joy of poetry and open its creativity to as many people as possible. I guess poets have always had to have at least one foot in the real unpoetic world!

I wish everybody a happy spring, and a 2021 that is a considerable improvement over 2020, which should not be a difficult aim.


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