By paying the annual dues ($20), anyone may become a member who:

  • is interested in poetry

  • subscribes to the objectives of the society

  • agrees to participate in the activities of the society

The society is affiliated with the National Federation of State Poetry Societies (NFSPS). Maine Poets Society membership fee includes NFSPS membership and allows our memebrs the opportunity to participate in a variety of contests and events each year. For more information, visit NFSPS online at

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Membership Opportunty Grants

Grants are to be issued solely for the purposes of defraying the costs of attending conferences or writing experiences, taking classes or courses, whether online or face-to-face. Grant money is not for purchase of materials or products, contest submissions, travel, etc. other than for computer software needed to access an online course. These grants are designated for actual educational experiences for our members. Opportunity grants (on a first-come, first-served basis) are available to members in good standing for help-up to $300 - for attendance at a workshop, to take a class, or to attend a poetry festival or residency. You can download a Membership Opportunity Grant Application and guidelines from our website (see below).

Thanks to the opportunity grant from Maine Poets' Society, I was able to go on a week's residency in North Adams, MA, with Tupelo Press. There were eight of us in the group, and we were provided with comfortable apartments across the road from the Massachusetts Museum of Creative Arts (Mass MoCA), and an individual studio in a building that was part of the MoCA complex. The studio was just an empty white room with a table and chair - perfect for making you concentrate! All of us had objectives we wanted to achieve - mine was to get my existing work organized for my forthcoming poetry book (published by Moon Pie Press and due out in the fall). However, we also had time with experienced editors to workshop some poems and to discuss and generate new ones. We had time with Carol Ann Davies, John Schlay and Jeffrey Levine, all of Tupelo Press, and a wonderful morning session with Lawrence Raab of nearby Williams College. I came away feeling refreshed and encouraged in my work, and having made the acquaintance of some lovely people. Thank you MPS! ~ Jenny Doughty

Download a Membership Opportunity Grant Application.

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